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About R W Evenson, Inc.

R W Evenson, Inc was incorporated in July of 1996, with Bob Evenson acting as president of the company. Since 1996, the company continues yearly to produce amazing results, serving over 5,000 individuals, families, independent insurance agents and brokers.


With two divisions, one catering to the independent broker and the other, the general public, R W Evenson, Inc. specializes in health insurance. This includes individual insurance for those under the age of 65, as well as Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage products for those over age of 65.


To ensure the integrity of our name, we only represent companies that live up to the moral and ethical expectations to which we hold ourselves.

Meet Bob Evenson

Offering personalized service not only in the Topeka area, but throughout the Midwest with trained insurance professionals for over 38 years.

Bob Evenson, President of R. W. Evenson, Inc. was raised on a small farm in Southeast Kansas. Farm life was hard and when his father would say “remember the good old days on the farm”, Bob’s response would be “I do not know what farm you were on but it wasn’t the same one I was on”. What Bob didn’t realize was that hard work was shaping his character.


After graduating from Washburn University in 1979 with a BA in Political Science, Bob started his career with The Prudential Insurance Company. In 1989, Bob started his own company, specializing in health and life insurance, along with retirement planning; both in the individual and group markets.


R. W. Evenson, Inc. quickly became one of the largest insurance brokerage firms in the Midwest; offering guidance and services to independent insurance agents, which they could in turn offer to their clients.


After many requests, R. W. Evenson, Inc. began to offer the same guidance and a wide range of products to the general public on a referral basis. R. W. Evenson, Inc. specializes in the following areas:


  • IRA and 401K Rollovers

  • Private Pension Plans

  • Individual and Group Health Plans

  • Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements

Mission statement

Our commitment to excellence is not only a promise but a guarantee to our clients.  R W Evenson, Inc. is a representative and advocate for our clients.

R. W. Evenson, Inc., 3310 SW Harrison, Topeka, KS 66611  

785-266-9160 or bob@rwevenson.com

Bob Everson