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By rwevenson91601593, Sep 8 2017 08:51PM

BOOM! With 10,000 baby boomers turning age 65 every month until 2030, the markets for Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans are set to explode! As a result, many insurance companies wanting to sell their Medicare plans will be contacting individuals becoming eligible for Medicare. Yes, competition is a good thing but proceed with caution. Do not let a cheerful voice on the phone be the reason you choose one plan over another. Beware of Teaser rates as well. Doing your homework and a little research will pay off. Consider asking the following questions about any Medicare plan you are considering: 1. How long has the company been in the Medicare insurance market 2. What is the company's history of adjusting policy rates 3. Is there a select list of hospitals, physicians, or pharmacies you access for medical care or prescriptions 4. What is the company's complaint ratio with the Kansas Insurance Department 5. What is the agent's complaint ratio 6. Is customer service handled only by telephone or internet, or is there a local agent who can assist you. Lastly ask for references and talk to others who are already enrolled in the Medicare plan you are reviewing. With so many choices, thousands of new customers are searching the internet or seeking advice from unreliable sources about Medicare plans. Use a reputable agent to help select the right plan for you.

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