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Dependable individual health insurance services

R W Evenson, Inc helps you both on and off the marketplace. Choosing the right health plan is not as simple as clicking a button. If you are not well-versed in insurance, you may wish to engage our service. One mistake could be devastating.

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Protect your health with various health insurance plans

We will look at your needs, your budget, your choice of doctors and hospitals along with your prescription drug needs to determine the right plan for you.


Make sure that your annual election of health insurance will fit your needs for the entire year.  Get in touch with us today.

Health Insurance

Key features of the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Care Act- the intent is to lower the uninsured and underinsured rate, to increase the quality of coverage and to make health insurance more affordable for all.  Terms such as mandates, subsides and exchanges (marketplace) were all introduce to the public.